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If you have comments about a port, or wish to provide feedback to the developers, send it to the relevant mailing list.

Supported Platforms

Here is a list of platforms that FreeBSD currently supports.

Platform Mailing List Support Tier
amd64 (x86-64) Tier 1
ARM64 Tier 2
ARM Tier 2
i386 (IA-32) Tier 1
MIPS Tier 3
PowerPC (ppc) Tier 2
sparc64 Tier 2

Unsupported Platforms

Project Page Mailing List Support Tier
FreeBSD/alpha Project Tier 4 (support discontinued as of 7.0R)
FreeBSD/ia64 Project Tier 2 through FreeBSD 10. Unsupported after.
FreeBSD/RISC-V Project Tier 3 beginning in FreeBSD 12
FreeBSD/pc98 Project Tier 2 until FreeBSD 11. Unsupported after.

For general architecture questions, mail